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Re: Moving home and BT Broadband Contract Renewal Conflicting Information

When I moved to a new address I specifically asked the customer service rep to keep my existing contact - which was month to month at the time (54£) - and simply transfer my service to the new address. I did this to avoid locking into a new contract (24 months) and was willing to pay the hirer rate for this month-to-month because I was not sure if I would be moving out of the country in a year.  But unbeknownst to me, new contract was issued when my service was transferred over to the new address and I did not realise it until a few months in.  When I complained, the customer service rep told me there was nothing she could do. I am now locked into a 24-month contract at a premium rate. I am furious and feel ripped off and scammed by BT and wish there was a meaningful way to take action. This is deceptive business practices and wrong. BUT I am at a loss on how to resolve. 

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