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Re: Switching from BT to Ee

Following a scam I rang BT and was advised it was a good time to change my details to EE. Thought this would be straightforward, think again. I was to be sent a new sim which didn't arrive when it should have so I contacted BT/EE who agreed to send a replacement, in the meantime the original sim arrived and I put this in my mobile phone only to find this had now been cancelled as the replacement had been sent.

After speaking to numerous people in various continents I was told to read the serial number from the SIM card which itself is minute. At 73 with poor eyesight a magnifying glass had to be located. By this time an engineer had arrived to set up the new 'hub' and I was trying to communicate with two people not really knowing what I was talking about. Eventually it was agreed that I should replace the BT sim until the new replacement, replacement arrives. This I have done and have been assured that all will be plain sailing as the PAC code, never heard of such a thing, has been set up for me.

Am I now sorted until the new sim arrives? I thought so until I received an email stating I will be charged for breaking my contract with BT, something I didn't elect to do, following advice it was done for me. 

What a waste of a day, if I were to meet Alexander Graham Bell I would punch his lights out. I am considering writing letters in future!

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Re: Switching from BT to Ee

If you have moved from BT to EE you will not be charged cancellation fees.

See this thread.

Moving Broadband from BT to EE - BT Community

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