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Re: Xbox game pass cancelled

Hi  @DanielS @NeilO @DavidM -

This is in relation to an issue I had a year ago with the Game Pass subscription that is linked to my BT account. You kindly sorted out the issue by providing me with another year of Game Pass. 
However, since then I could no longer manage my Game Pass subscription through the "My BT" website. 

Today, I received the following email:
We hope you're enjoying Xbox Game Pass Ultimate.
Your discounted price of £0.00 ends on 30 Mar 2024.
After that, it'll be £10.00 a month. You'll see this on your next bill.
You can switch off auto-renewal anytime, in My BT.
Due to the issues outlined above, I am not able to switch off the auto-renewal on "My BT". 
I am therefore wondering whether you could help with disabling my auto-renewal and separating my BT and my Game Pass subscriptions?
Could an admin get in touch with me via the direct messaging option?
Thanks a lot!
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Re: Xbox game pass cancelled

Hi @jasonmleds12 and thanks for the post.

I'm sure we can sort this out for you. Check your inbox for my message and drop me over the details.



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Re: Xbox game pass cancelled

Thanks so much! There was some issue in my DM reply (some HTML elements didn't make it send) - and now it is giving me an error message that I cannot send any DMs anymore for a while. Is there a way for you to remove that temporary ban? Thanks!

UPDATE: It worked now and I could reply - thanks 🙂

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Re: Xbox game pass cancelled

Could one of the admins help me with this? The issue is still not resolved and I do not want to pay the £10/month for Game Pass after the 12 months period is over. Thanks @DavidM @DanielS @NeilO 

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Re: Xbox game pass cancelled

@jasonmleds12 I'm sorry this is taking longer than expected. I can see @DavidM is looking after this for you and a case has been raised with the Xbox team who are working with Microsoft to get this sorted. Don't worry about the charge as that can always be refunded if there is a delay beyond the 30th of March.



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Re: Xbox game pass cancelled

Ok thanks for the reply, @NeilO. Would be great to get an update, soon.

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Re: Xbox game pass cancelled

This is getting a bit tiring... Just to inform other people who are in the same situation:

My BT broadband package that I signed up for in 2022 included a Microsoft Game Pass subscription for the first 12 months (afterwards, it would cost £10/month). This caused several issues:
- in 2023, the Game Pass subscription was no longer operational - it was cancelled prematurely by BT (6 months in to my contract instead of the promised 12)
- It took a long time to solve - BT then manually renewed my subscription by another 12 months for good will
- However, my BT account didn't show the Game Pass subscription on the website anymore (so I had no way of cancelling it on their website)
- Due to this, I contacted them many times to cancel the subscription before it would be converted into a £10/month subscription
- Despite multiple attempts of cancellation and confirmation from customer service staff that the Game Pass subscription was cancelled - I keep getting billed for £10
- I received a £10 refund on my previous bill due to the false billing - nevertheless, the service still doesn't appear to be cancelled (BT have now charged me £10 AGAIN). This is also happening on my final bill with BT - I left them a few days ago (also because of these repeated issues)

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