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Return hub

Hi all 

I recently upgraded to Halo 3 broadband and installed the new hub. I received a message to return my 5 yr old router/hub. 
However, I had problems with the  BT router years ago (even the replacement hub played up) and I’ve been  using a generic router that did a better job than the old BT one. I have no clue where the old bt router ended up. I’ve  searched the house top to bottom but no luck. Now I see I will be charged for this 5 yr old hub (not sure how much the charge is) which I find a little unfair as its long past it’s date and I wasn’t charged for it when I joined BT in 2016. I wish that upon upgrading and renewing my contract that the sales person on the phone would have informed me of this too.  



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Re: Return hub

If it's the same hub that was supplied to you before 13 December 2019 and you haven't received another since that date then you shouldn't be charged for it.

Details and a list of charges that may or may not apply (in your case it would seem that they don't) can be found at  How to return and recycle your BT equipment for free | BT Help

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Re: Return hub

Thanks for your reply. The hub was definitely pre Oct 2019.