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Return of BT Hub

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Like other members, I have returned a Hub to BT but am still receiving emails and texts notifying me that I will be charged unless I return the equipment. Of course, it doesn't help that the BT email address does not allow for replies! I am presently on holiday but have the Post Office receipt of the posting at home. Can you please either confirm the return of the Hub or advise how I can demonstrate the fact it has been returned, presumably by sending a scan of the PO receipt? In case it is relevant I should add that as I was able to resolve the initial problem of linking my telephone to my existing hub, I did not return my old Hub, but returned the new replacement one. This was placed unopened and in its original packaging into the returns bag. I also included a note explaining why the new "replacement" was been returned. Until I return home I am unable to verify the precise date the Hub was posted, but it was more than three weeks ago.

A totally frustrating experience!


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Re: Return of BT Hub

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Hi Mike666, sorry that you're been chased for the return of equipment sent back weeks ago. 
I've sent you a Private Message so when you return home you can get in touch with us and we'll get the items marked returned.



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