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Unable to change myBT user ID to email address

Looking through the posts on this topic I see that Dave_D18 had hit the same problem as me on 29/1/2022.  It appears that a moderator, @DanielS, was kind enough to point Dave in the right direction via a private message.  I wonder if he could do the same for me as I've been REALLY struggling to solve this for several days.

If its any help, I'd read in another post that you need to be an Account Holder to access Norton but you also need to have an email address as your UserID.  My user ID was not a full email address so I tried to change it in my Profile (as requested by myBT)  but when I did this it said my email address was already registered and wouldn't let me update my Profile.  I noticed that in my Accounts there appeared to be an "account manager" (not Holder) set up with my email address as a login on the same account.  So, I thought this may be interfering with any update to my main myBT login so removed it , leaving just the main Account Holder one available.  Didn't do the trick.  Still no joy.  Any thoughts anyone?

Thanks, Rick

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Re: Unable to change myBT user ID to email address

Good morning @rick_Crugkern,

Welcome to the Community. I am sorry to see that you're having the same issue with setting up Norton.

I'll need to check the Account Manager account and see if it's still live at our end. We may need to remove that before you can change the username on your Account Holder account. I'll send you a private message so we can get this picked up.


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