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Very Angry

So I moved into temporary accommodation on 8th January, and informed BT and my connection was moved with me on the 16th January all up and running by 6.30am that day with a text letting me know that the connection was ready to use. Everything great!

We were very lucky an adapted property to suit my withs disabilities  came up very quickly and we moved again on the 25th January, again i informed BT and was given a connection date  of 30th January, great I thought, 30th comes and goes with no connection, call BT who speak to OR, who inform them that they were too busy!!!! Then they book another connection date of 6th Feb, comes and goes still no connection, call BT who speak to OR to be told again that they were too busy!!!!!!!!, given another date of 9th Feb, gep you guessed it the 9th comes and goes and still no connection. No idea why this time.

I now have a new date of 13th Feb, which I am sure will come and go without being connected.

I am fuming


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Re: Very Angry

I have asked a moderator to see if they can find the reason for the delay in the provision of your new broadband package.

Its likely that Openreach are busy, and your new move would have depended on the cease of the service at your temporary address, as you can only have one order active on your account at one time. 

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Re: Very Angry

Hi @JonMace

Thanks for your post and welcome back!

I am sorry for the delays moving your services to your new address.  I have sent you a private message with instructions on how you can send us over your details and we'll look into this for you. See: Private messages



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