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mis-sold Halo 3 package

I recently moved house and wanted to keep my existing broadband package. 
When I phoned BT they said I would need to upgrade to the Halo 3 package because the new house is bigger.
I moved house and settled in, I then realised I don't need this new package and want to return to my old package.
(The Halos aren't required. The signal from my original router reaches all parts of the new house)
I have had the new package  for four weeks.
I contacted BT on Webchat. A lady from BT said I would be able to revert back to my old package but told me I had to phone another number.
I phoned the number and a gentleman said he would be able to further upgrade me to an altogether new package but cannot revert back to my old one.
He explained I  was outside of my cooling off period and couldn't return to my old package.
I tried to explain to him that this was because I was busy moving house.

My argument is:

1. I was sold something I was told I needed but didn't.
2. A lady from BT has told me I can revert back to my old package.
3. A gentleman from BT has told me I can't revert back to my old contract because I'm outside my 2 week cooling period, but can upgrade to an altogether new contract.

I don't want to leave BT. I just want my old package that I had before I was mis-sold this new one.

Can anyone help?  


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Re: mis-sold Halo 3 package

I have notified the moderators of the forum about your problem. Once they have read this they may be able to help. They are very busy at present so it can take up to 24 hours for them to contact you. They will do this by posting on this thread.

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Re: mis-sold Halo 3 package

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Re: mis-sold Halo 3 package

Hi @cbolton74 and welcome to our community.

I'm sorry there's been some confusion around what's been ordered. I'll be happy to take a look at this for you. I've dropped you a private message so you can get in touch.



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