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A set of files repeatedly fails to upload to BT Cloud via website

Hello, I use BT Cloud as a location for my disaster recovery backups. I upload these through Google Chrome using

I frequently have issues where after uploading, the "uploading" dialog shows files in red and they must be manually re-attempted. However, when re-attempting, it tends to work.

In the last couple of days, I've found an unusual problem, where a set of four specific files continually fails to upload. Some other files are still uploading fine - that is, occasional failures but a manual re-attempt tends to work.

These four in particular always result in an error, and as there is no specific message given, I have no idea what is wrong. It seems BT Cloud is rejecting them for some reason.

BT Cloud has no reason to reject them - these are encrypted multipart archives, it has no idea what is in them, so this is a perplexing issue. Have I encountered some sort of usage limit, bandwidth wise? I have more than enough free space.

I don't want the app - I prefer to use the website.

I hope that someone from BT can help me to resolve this. Thanks for reading!

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