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BT Cloud application no longer creates Albums

I have been using BTCloud to upload photos for a few of years and it worked well

There was an option in the client, which automatically created an Album in the Cloud matching the folder the photos were being copied from, I recall it was called Smart Albums

In the latest version that option has disappeared and now photos are uploaded but not put into albums

Anyone had similar issues and know if there is a fix ?

Looking at the documentation it refers to this option in setup of the portal ( see below) , but looking in My Settings in the portal I dont see the Enable Smart Albums option there.

Any help much appreciated


1. Click on the drop-down menu (your account name in the upper right-hand corner).
2. Select My Settings to:
a. Change your account name and email address.
b. Buy more storage.
c. Select if you want to be notified by email, or not all.
d. Enable Smart Albums.



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Re: BT Cloud application no longer creates Albums

Hi @mcrossley1962 and thanks for posting.

Smart Albums has been removed with an aim to replace the feature with better ones. We have introduced the features like Highlights and Flashbacks and continue  working on improving the service for you. Sorry for any inconvenience caused.



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Re: BT Cloud application no longer creates Albums

HI David, thanks for getting back to me

I see Albums are still supported in the portal but are extremely difficult to maintain ( IE I have to select photo by photo and assigned them to an album) . It means any sorting of pictures I have done in the source data ( IE a folder for Holiday-2020) is lost

Do you have any information on Highlights and Flashbacks or is that auto-generated in the portal and I have no control over it ?

I have scanned 1000's old photos and organised them into folders - albums was a great way of organising the pictures then loading on a tablet device to scan through the relevant one's.

For me its a shame it has gone it worked well and a feature non of the competitive products have.
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Re: BT Cloud application no longer creates Albums

I have a problem using BT Cloud on my IPad running IPad OS 15.2

I can successfully create an album. I created an album named Storm Arwen and it is definitely there.

However if I then want to later add more pictures to that album the roller at the bottom left of the display that spins round showing my albums will not go above albums starting with the letter D.

I am on the latest version of the IPad software.


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Re: BT Cloud application no longer creates Albums

Hi David,

This feature hasn't been working for a long time now. After creating quite a few albums they have now gone which I'm really disappointed about as I really enjoyed making them & took my ages! I also relied on them.

Do you know what's happening with this now please?


Highlights & flashbacks are no use. Also the pictures come up scrambled & not in the date or order you took them so takes forever to go through it.

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