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BT Parental Controls - Switched off but still blocking sites


Since I have had my broadband connection restored after a physical line fault and my Broadband account checked as part of the service repair I now have BT Parental Controls set to Light filtering despite My Security settings from MyBT saying the BT Parental Controls are OFF. Any sites to do with Alcohol or cigars etc. are blocked either with an address that starts bt.blockpage =filter light or I get the following message:

Secure Connection Failed - Error code: SSL_ERROR_NO_CYPHER_OVERLAP

I have reset my router, cleared my cache, updated my browser, switched off BT Web Connect previously, and even gone as far as switching ON BT Parental Settings and adding exception sites to allow access to no avail. At the moment the BT Parental Controls are OFF and I should be able to get to any sites I choose but instead I get the message above.

Any pointers, phone numbers to contact BT gratefully received as I really want to get to the bottom of this once and for all. Prior to my broadband service failing physically a couple of months back, I've never had this issue in all the years I have been a BT Broadband customer. Thanks in advance.

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Re: BT Parental Controls - Switched off but still blocking sites

Welcome to this user forum for BT Residential phone and broadband customers.

This is just a customer to customer help forum, everyone here, including myself, are just customers and will not be able to deal with any issues relating to your account.

The only BT Employees are the forum moderators, who may offer to help, when everything else has been tried.

Try calling 0330 1234 150

You can message BT using the "message us" links on the help pages. That is usually effective.

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Re: BT Parental Controls - Switched off but still blocking sites

Thanks for coming back to me Keith,

I'll follow the contact link and see what the next steps will be?

Kind Regards,

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