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My BT - ‘Test my Speed’ not working


I’m on Full Fibre 900 with Halo 3+. Periodically I check my speeds to verify that my hub speeds continue to meet BT’s ‘Stay Fast Guarantee’. Normally, the Speed to Hub is around 949Mb and the guaranteed speed is 700Mb. Lately this has not been possible within the My BT app on my iPad Pro (4th Gen) and IPhone 15 Pro. IOS on both devices is fully updated.

Reinstalling the My BT app has no affect on the outcome and this situation has persisted now for several weeks.

As you can imagine, this is somewhat concerning as, technically, denying the user the right to verify the ‘Speed to Hub’ could be interpreted as a breach of contract as I am unable to confirm that I am getting what I am paying for.

Speeds (download/upload) to my various devices using various 3rd party testers, including, is otherwise okay, so no complaints there. 

This problem has only revealed itself in recent weeks. If BT have decided that they no longer wish to allow their paying customers to access this feature (Testing Speed to Hub) then why is the non-functioning Speed Tester still available in the My BT app?


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Re: My BT - ‘Test my Speed’ not working


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Re: My BT - ‘Test my Speed’ not working

As far as I am aware, tests download/upload Wi-Fi speeds from router to device. It does not test the maximum broadband speeds available, and paid for, from the local exchange to the customer’s router. The latter used to be tested and displayed by running the ‘Test my speed’ module in the My BT app.

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Re: My BT - ‘Test my Speed’ not working

The MyBT app doesn't form part of your contract so whether it functions or not is irrelevant. You may not be aware that you are not guaranteed 900 or indeed 700Mbps at all times - you are sharing a 2.5Gbps line with up to 29 others so your speed will vary depending on demand from the other users.

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Re: My BT - ‘Test my Speed’ not working

Put simply, BT provide me with a ‘Stay Fast Guarantee’. Currently I am unable to determine when they breach that guarantee or how long it takes before speeds are restored. Download speeds have occasionally dropped below the guaranteed 700 Mb. Usually this recovers within a few hours requiring no action on my part. However, longer (?actionable) periods would require user monitoring before proceeding with a complaint.

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Re: My BT - ‘Test my Speed’ not working

Yes, what you say is undoubtedly true. However, the My BT App is, I would assume, developed and provided by BT for use by their customers.  Once registered and logged on, the app can access my account details and those of all my products. Also, it allows me to test my network and signal strength throughout the house.

Still doesn’t explain why the Test my speed module is not working currently. It starts, whizzes around the progress circle to 100% and returns the message: We’re sorry, something went wrong

I note the view count of this thread has exceeded 100 and, as yet, nobody is sharing my experience. It would perhaps be helpful to know whether or not I am alone with this issue. 

Without the ability to test the download/upload speeds to my hub (router) how else can I determine whether speeds drop and persist over an extended period below my Stay Fast Guaranteed download/upload speeds of 700/10 Mb respectively?

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Re: My BT - ‘Test my Speed’ not working


Sorry, the Speed Test is no longer available on web

 The BT Broadband Speed Test has moved to the My BT app, where you can test the speed from our network to your devices as well as your hub*. This gives a more accurate picture of the broadband performance in your home.  

To test your broadband speed, log in to or download the My BT app.

*my emphasis

Again, in the hope that a BT representative is monitoring this thread, The My BT app Speed Test module appears to be currently non-functional. The consequence is that this Full Fibre 900 with Halo 3+ customer cannot verify that his Stay Fast Guarantees of 700/10Mb are being upheld. Why?

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Re: My BT - ‘Test my Speed’ not working

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Re: My BT - ‘Test my Speed’ not working

I agree that the speed test should work however if you are unable to determine if your speed has dropped below your stay fast guarantee without using a speed test that begs the question if you really need those speeds and the cost it incurrs in the first place.

I will however ask a moderator to comment regarding the defective test and ask them to advise the relevant department.

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Re: My BT - ‘Test my Speed’ not working


Thanks. However, unless the ‘Advanced Test’ section offers more, this test is similar to various 3rd party speed testers in that it is only testing the Wi-Fi speed from my router to, as in this instance, my iPad Pro (4th Gen).

Summary of Performance Test
Wednesday 12 June 2024 | 18:27:34
5 Ms
Summary Advanced Test

The system is currently busy. Please try again shortly, however if this problem persists, raise the issue with your service provider.

These results are in keeping with the Wi-Fi results achievable in the past while using the ‘Test my speed’ module in the My BT app. It does not tell me the full fibre speed to my hub from the local exchange/cabinet. If I relied on the above results I would be complaining to BT for not meeting their Stay Fast Guarantee of 700Mb Download.