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Parental Controls - Time restrictions

Hi Community,

We have seen some reports that when setting time restrictions on devices via BT Parental Controls, the time is not being saved meaning the devices intended to be restricted, are not.  This doesn’t appear to affect all customers using Parental controls

Our app team is very keen to better understand this issue so we hope you can help.  If you have come across this issue when trying to restrict devices on your home network using BT Parental controls, please reply to this thread and let us know your experience?  Our mods will then reach out to you to gain some of your details which will help the team investigate.

Thank you in advance for helping us investigate the report we have seen.



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Re: Parental Controls - Time restrictions

I don't use parental controls but I seem to recall that there was a problem that the start and end times need to be on the same date. ie you can not set them to activate at 10pm on Monday and deactivate at 1am on Tuesday.

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Re: Parental Controls - Time restrictions

Hi JohnC2, 

Hopefully I can help with this (and in turn you can help me 🙂 ) I work in IT as a software test engineer, so relatively ok with using apps etc. 

I have been using the app fine until today when the pausing access started to go wrong. I now have the following issues: 

- The normal pause time for my childs access did not work and in the app it has been turned off 

- When I either try to set the time again or just directly pause access it does not work (although it says paused) 

- Whilst trying to work this out, I added all connected devices to one group to then pause them. It looked like the devices saved to the group, but now it is showing only two devices in the group 

At the moment I can not pause any internet access, and it has become the wild west in our house. (I am about to unplug at the wall, possibly whilst shouting "I am the king of the internet in this house" - we will see). 

Let me know if I can help 

App version is 8.29.4 (I uninstalled and reinstalled) 

iphone SE with 15.3.1 OS 




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Re: Parental Controls - Time restrictions

My issue is I can create groups and add devices to the groups, but then the devices disappear from the group a minute or two later. I've used this feature successfully for a few years, but recently there was a power cut and since then I've had the issue. Now I can't block kids devices at bedtime, they keep staying up til 2 or 3 in the morning on school nights. 

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Re: Parental Controls - Time restrictions

I have just posted a question regarding this (04.11.2022) but I see it's a long ongoing issue from the date of this original post

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Re: Parental Controls - Time restrictions

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Re: Parental Controls - Time restrictions

Hi @JohnC2 ,

We have suffered the resetting of times for a long time now.

It appears to randomly reset the times, opening access when we require it to off. The only way around this we have found is to force a pause until morning.

I have also just posted a challenge with the BT app which means I now have no control over the access 😞

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