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browser hijacking

I'm getting browser hijacking occuring but only seems to be on one website I visit.  The site opens then a reconnecting message appears - at which point Norton steps in to block the dodgy site.

Question is why do I only get this on a single website?  And does it mean I have the virus girlsdatingsvip or is it something to do with the genuine website I'm trying to see.

Is Norton able to remove the virus, how do I know if I even have it, other than this single instance.

Does BT / Norton provide any help on this?  Can't find any help on

thanks if anyone has any ideas.

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Re: browser hijacking

It's more likely that someone has placed a rogue cookie leading to the pop up. These often occur on websites that carry a lot of advertising. Deleting your cookies should clear it from your cache but it won't stop it being placed again... There used to be a lot of these saying that you had won an iPhone etc but they seem to have died off a bit now 

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Re: browser hijacking

Clear your browsers cookies and history the try to connect to the web site.

If you are only being redirected on the one web site it is most likely that the web site has been compromised and is best to be avoided until the site has resolved the problem.

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