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Re: BT Pro Box surround sound


In which software update was this "fixed"? It was only recently you said the issue had been disregarded as user error. It seems a little unlikely that the issue has been investigated & fixed in such a short timescale since your previous post.

As a side issue, it also demonstrates yet again the foolishness of not publishing a changelog alongside software updates.

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Re: BT Pro Box surround sound

It was only recently that I said it had taken so long. Not that it had just been acknowledged.
I'll check the exact build when I'm at my desk later.
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Re: BT Pro Box surround sound

@DarrenDev I think they might have been pulling your leg! Nothing has changed. ITV2/3/4HD are all showing as 5.1 along with Quest HD. All of these broadcast in 2.0 (stereo). The metadata tagging is still incorrect.

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Re: BT Pro Box surround sound

I’m experiencing the same issue still.

Doesn't seem to be fixed.

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Re: BT Pro Box surround sound

I've escalated this again for further comment. I'll update if I get a response.
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Re: BT Pro Box surround sound

Quick check: for those still experiencing this, are you using aerial? Or Internet mode?
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Re: BT Pro Box surround sound

Internet….connected to fibre  broadband Hub.

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Re: BT Pro Box surround sound

@DarrenDev Internet mode. Can't get ITV2/3/4 or Quest in HD via the aerial. The issue is specific to HD channels as these user Dolby Digital audio, and that's where the metadata tagging issue is.

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Re: BT Pro Box surround sound

This has been retested again this morning, and the verdict is that the TV Box Pro is now behaving as expected.
The TV Box Mini appears to have a minor defect that it's sending sound to HL+HR in an Atmos setup from a stereo source.

It will always send in DD+ (as that's how the new box works), however it is correctly tagging stereo content as only FL+FR (where it would previously report all channels as active). This allows your amp to add virtual processing (e.g. Pro Logic) as normal.

So the question being asked now is - why do you still believe there to be an issue? What is it now doing that you don't expect?

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Re: BT Pro Box surround sound

@DarrenDev because that is incorrect metadata tagging. In Dolby Digital, you are supposed to send the correct number of channels so that AV equipment can correctly handle it. If a channel is broadcasting FL + FR, Then that is DD 2.0, not 5.1 with 3.1 channels having no signal. 
Besides, ITV1HD shows as DD 2.0, so this is an inconsistent position!

This is all on the Pro box. I don't have the right kit on the mini box to comment.

All other TV box providers and Freeview (not to mention physical media) adopt this approach to DD metadata.