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BT TV Pro Box

Hi there

We had BT Openreach installed early September - with a new wireless router and the BT TV Pro top set box. 

Our problems are never ending:

- We constantly have pixelation; the screen freezes and goes black
- We lose access to the TV Guide Channel
- We lose access to all the TV apps
- We lose access to our recordings
- When we do access our recordings, a message pops up to say that the recording is no longer available, as the channel has been removed. How is this possible, when our recordings are from BBC1, 2, 3, 4; ITV; Channel 4 and Channel 5?!
- We lose access to Netflix and when checking on the system, it says that Netflix cannot connect to the BT servers?
- The documentation provided by BT for their new box says that we can record 4 programmes at once. Nope, we can't - only two!
- When we cannot connect, we test the speed of the downloads and everything is fine - we have excellent internet service.

The engineer visited us yesterday and informed us that the transmitter for the North East of the UK (where we are) - BT has not connected their services to it. BT is this correct?

Can someone please help?


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Re: BT TV Pro Box

I presume this is a reference to the Billsdale mast which is currently temporary after they suffered fire damage a couple of years ago resulting in the mast being demolished ? Not sure if the new mast is in service yet.

The BT TV box pro now has Freeview internet mode, and you can view many of the channels you mentioned without an aerial.

The other solution would be to get an aerial installer out just to examine your antenna and make sure everything thing is O.K. at that end.

Personally, I’d definitely try the box in internet mode in the mean time. 

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Re: BT TV Pro Box

Try this:- Freeview-without-an-aerial “Internet Mode”

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