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BT TV future

what does the future hold for BT TV /EETV for me it looks very bleak poor communication to the consumer we get told coming soon new changes but it never does come. 

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Re: BT TV future

Dunno but I've just ordered Sky Stream full package inc UHD and extra Puck for £3 more than BT could offer as a retention deal...  still includes Netflix and Discovery+ and now get Paramount+ as part of the deal. I've been a big advocate of BT TV over the years but now Sky are delivering the full package, for less over IP, it's really hard to see the future for BT TV... 

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Re: BT TV future

Totally agree it’s so outdated. The original netgem box from EE had so many more features than this YouView box. It had YouTube, Plex and you could watch recordings on the box from a tablet or mobile. 

We have BT TV and Sky stream and BTTV does have a few advantages with being able to record and a lot less cluttered UI but with so many streaming services missing I only ever use it to record what was BT sport.

Sky stream blows it away in my opinion and on price. Your not limited to one multi room box and it’s got nearly every app you could need.

Just waiting another 14 long months to the contracts over.


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Re: BT TV future

I'm sure I've saw the changes are coming in next few months so I'm sure details will be announced at the time

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Re: BT TV future

We’ve still got another 7 months to go on our BTTV contract, and as things stand at the moment I really can’t see us renewing. I’d be quite happy to go back to watching my sports on apps and not being tied into a 24 month contract. As long as my O/H can access her programmes on our Freeview PVR when I’m watching sports she’s happy. We can then subscribe to other apps directly as we please. I do like the BT tv box pro and have had no real issues with it, and would be reluctant to look in the direction of Sky Stream, as I’m aware that there have been a few issues with it since it was released.

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Re: BT TV future

@Brucemeister5  check your emails... I received an email saying that I could exit my TV contract with no penalties because of the amc withdrawal ... My contract doesn't end until February 

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Re: BT TV future

Just checked, haven't had any emails. Checked spam folders too.

That's brilliant news if you can cancel too.


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Re: BT TV future

I cannot see BT letting people have the choice to leave there TV service due to AMC being removed.


BT will always hold the right to remove services 

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Re: BT TV future

@Clinton11 I've got the email pal 👍

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Re: BT TV future

Although I said that we probably won’t renew, I’m not desperate to cancel either. We got the £6 Entertainment package when we subscribed,  and now only pay £6.72 for it since the March price increase. I’m currently watching Man City on Ch 465 ( even though it isn’t listed on the EPG) and it does look fantastic. I’d heard that TNT Sports Ultimate on Sky Stream looks dreadful. 

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