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Re: BT TV future

I would not be at all surprised to find that this sort of thing is happening. A similar thing has been going on with BT Mobile and EE Mobile for well over a year now. We know that BT Mobile is supposed to be closing ( as is Plusnet Mobile) but they still have separate billing systems. It all seems a very chaotic way of handling things by trying to entice customers over to another part of the BT group by offering them things that are not available to them where they currently are, but continuing to run the same products alongside one another. 

We’ve  still got another 7 months to go on our broadband and tv contracts and we’re out of contract on BT Mobile. If we decide not to go with BT or EE for broadband that rules out tv with them anyway and we wouldn’t get a decent deal by moving to EE Mobile in that case anyway. I didn’t expect the move over to EE for residential customers to be handled in this way, but I shall be monitoring things closely over the coming months.

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Re: BT TV future

@stereohaven Seemed legit, didn't ask for any details, not pushy. Told them I was still in contract and they said when there is 3 months left I wouldn't be charged a penalty to leave BT.

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Re: BT TV future


I’ve had some very dodgy calls over the last couple of months from a Cardiff number claiming to be from EE.

Just had another one on my mobile, this time from a Leeds number purporting to be from EE and offering to upgrade my handset and package to the latest and greatest with at least 50% off. 

I don't have any EE contracts or SIM only with EE.

01135345971 was the number which doesn't appear to tied to EE in anyway I can find. 

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Re: BT TV future