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Lost Channels

Hi, I live in the Manchester area and when I plugged our Youview Box in for BT services I noticed that certains Channels we normally got from Freeview like Now 70s & 90s are blocked, not just on the box but on my TV in general unless the aerial is plugged directly into the TV. I have tried using a splitter to split the input feed to both the box and tv at the same time but it has not effect. The channels are present on the tv guide still but it is like the signal is blocked from coming through, is there something in the boxes that does this?

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Re: Lost Channels

I believe the 2 channels you mentioned are transmitted on the local G-Man multiplex on Freeview. Televisions  (single tuner devices) tend to pick up weaker transmissions  and tune in than  ( multi tuner ) set top boxes. Given you tried a splitter  a likely cause is the signal strength and quality  for the G-Man that you are receiving. Another possible cause is interference to that signal frequency so try to ensure that the aerial cable including the extensions are not in close proximity ( easier said than done)  to other cabling.


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