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Re: New features

@Weerab1983 No timescales I'm afraid, and no promises that those channels will even be added.
Some channel providers may not be willing to be included, or may not have a stream that they're able to provide us.
Also, some channels may have so few viewers, it's not worth setting them up.

The channels that have been provided so far have been based on a combination of viewing figures across the YouView platform, and content providers who were willing to be included. We've added all the most popular channels that we could (for now).
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Re: New features

@SoupDragon57 I have that issue too

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Re: New features

Yes - I'm seeing this issue too


I'm still seeing the issue with the IP Freeview channels occasionally not wanting to load. I either get a black screen, or if I have used channel up/down, it fits back to the channel I was last on. Very odd!

Is anyone else getting this glitch?


Fibre 2 Unlimited using EE Smart Hub 2 with EE TV Box Pro (UHD/HDR) in IP mode.
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Re: New features

I contacted UKTV regarding them being available on internet mode. I got this response

"We can't comment on what BT may do in the future I'm afraid, our free to air channels are supplied to BT via Freeview, our pay TV channels are delivered via YouView."

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Re: New features


I am a very new BT customer so apologies if this is a daft question on the new ip service. 

If you move to the ip service instead of the arial do you still receive the local news for your area on both BBC and ITV?



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Re: New features

@Andy61 Checkout the earlier comments. I think it is supposed to, but it's not fully working for all geographies yet. For example, in the Engle West region, the Guide shows the programming for the West region. BBC West is HD. However, the ITV Region is not correct yet. They're looking into this issue.

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Re: New features

For those who don't know, I normally only work on the BT TV and BT Sport digital apps, thus the information I have about the YouView boxes is all stuff I've picked up mostly through taking an interest in what other teams are doing, and asking lots of questions (usually triggered by the questions you ask on here).

With that in mind, I'm just off a long call with a number of key people surrounding this internet mode service - this was so that we could discuss everything you've raised here so far, and also for me to get a better understanding of what we have now, what's coming, and how stuff works.

So, some updates:

  • "accurate recording" is actually available on ALL of the "DUK" channels on our service - i.e. the DTT channels distributed over IP.  You should find that all recordings scheduled in internet mode will start and stop at exactly the same times that they would have over your TV aerial.  It's also available on the BT Sport channels, where we have full access to the data.  It's not currently available on all the other IP channels (e.g. the Now TV channels), but we're trying to get hold of the data.
  • As previously explained, we currently only offer a subset of the ITV regions.  Your box will show the TV guide for the region that you should be receiving, but it may not match the video you see. This is because ALL the other regions are coming shortly - expected by the end of September at the very latest. If the TV guide had provided you with the region matching the video, then when the new TV regions came on board you would have lost access to all your previous recordings. Thus there's a temporary mismatch between video and TV guide, to prevent this happening. Your box will automatically switch to the correct region feed as soon as it becomes available, without affecting your scheduled or recorded programmes.
  • For a very small number of customers, our logs indicate that the box failed to identify the TV region. It uses the broadband line to determine the address on your BT account, to then match your postcode to one or more TV regions. These boxes will have silently defaulted to London. We've fixed all known cases of this now, and have a fix in place to prevent it happening again.  Boxes will correct themselves over the next 24 hours.
  • We don't offer the UKTV DTT channels in internet mode as we failed to negotiate an acceptable commercial agreement with them. Should they come back to us with something acceptable, we will of course add them.

I don't yet have an answer on why the box sometimes shows a blank screen when switching channels. I'm still digging.

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Re: New features

Thanks for all the advice and support.

I've successfully gone internet mode.

 Very happy with the picture quality improvements. Not just on BBC1 HD but Sky Sports News HD has greatly improved.

I'm glad the pro box is coming into its own finally.

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Re: New features

Thanks for the updates @DarrenDev 

Disappointing that UKTV could not provide a reasonable agreement to date, hopefully this changes. Maybe some gentle requests from your customers that would like those channels included would help. 

No surprise that you have the free to air discovery channels following your agreement over BT Sport . Would be good to see some of the paid discovery channels available for BT Sport customers as part of the agreement on the tv guide at some point.

Can always use the built in TV freeview for those channels that you do not currently have.

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Re: New features


Thank you for the update.

I have found the picture quality great as well. 

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