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Re: Prime video crashing after 1 minute

I have a BT Humax box and have been suffering from the same problems as others. (Model code 91-00931 BT Item 080753). It often crashes. The box also doesn't respond reliably or quickly from the controller handset. The commands (i.e. pressing close, pause, play etc)  seem to hang, or the interaction is severely throttled.

These problems only apply to Amazon Prime. Netflix is absolutely fine, as is BBC iPlayer, ITV X etc. The temptation is simply dump Amazon Prime and watch other channels, but occasionally it is useful to watch something that's only on Amazon so I'd like to stick with it 

Is there a set-top box with the same HDMI and RJ45 support that works with Amazon that any of us can buy? 

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Re: Prime video crashing after 1 minute


                If you read, my, and other members earlier posts, you will know that this has been going on for a long time now. I spent a lot of time, complaining to BT about this issue. Finally, one of the engineers did 'something' with the software in the BT box, and I have had no trouble since. Although, it is still very slow, it does not buffer, or drop out any longer. My advice to you , is, COMPLAIN. COMPLAIN. COMPLAIN.

Best of luck.