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TV Box Pro Issue - Wales

Hi all,

We are aware of an issue with the TV Box Pro for customers in Wales following a Digital UK change.

Customers are seeing:


- Blank Screen
- Blank grey tiles on the menu
- Box becoming unresponsive to the remote
- Empty TV Guide
- Unable to get any Freeview channels working


We are working on this issue with priority but there are some steps customers can take to fix the issue.
If you are looking to fix the issue please complete the following steps:


- Unplug your aerial from the back of the TV box
- Press the purple home button, navigate up to Settings and press OK
- Press OK on TV channels followed by "Retune Channels"
- Once the retune has completed, plug your aerial back in
- Complete 1 more retune by pressing OK on "Retune Channels"


Once the retune is complete, your issue should be fixed!


Sorry for any inconvenience caused.



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Re: TV Box Pro Issue - Wales

I’m in Scotland and this is impacting me too. Box unresponsive, blank screen, functions on the box not working. I’ve unplugged and rebooted and it’s slow but working.
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Re: TV Box Pro Issue - Wales

This ‘fix’ doesn’t work. As soon as I click on to Tv Channels the box freezes again and then the screen goes black. 

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Re: TV Box Pro Issue - Wales

Hi, the fix seems to have resolved the major problems with channels and the guide, but signal strength on some of the HD channels is now poor - causing the image to pixelate and freeze. 

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Re: TV Box Pro Issue - Wales

Hi @Dan ,

Thanks for your feedback and sorry it didn't work for you. Did you try it again? Did you have the aerial unplugged at the time?

Another thing to try would be to do a factory reset whilst the aerial is unplugged, (plug it back when the reset is underway) the option can be found in the same menu at the bottom right but would delete your recordings.

Alternatively if you have recordings you can do it another way whilst keeping your stored recordings by following these instructions: 

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Re: TV Box Pro Issue - Wales

Yes I did follow the steps and remove the aerial. I’ll give the other steps a try later and come back if not resolved. Thanks for your help
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Re: TV Box Pro Issue - Wales

I have completed the instructions and all seems to be fine. Will my engineer appointment be cancelled automatically?

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Re: TV Box Pro Issue - Wales

Hi, I followed these steps and it didn’t work. I have tried a factory reset and it’s now stuck on maintenance mode and unresponsive. I have again tried it again and it goes straight to maintenance mode all the time. Can you help please?

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Re: TV Box Pro Issue - Wales

I tried all the steps for a second time and it all appears to be working fine now. Fingers crossed it stays that way. Will my engineer appointment now be cancelled?

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Re: TV Box Pro Issue - Wales

I previously messaged to say I was impacted by this, however after unplugging and following some of the steps it appeared to have resolved the issue. However, this morning, when attempting to switch the box on, it was completely unresponsive. I tried using the remote and manually turning it on but neither worked. After unplugging (AGAIN), and leaving for a minute and plugging back in, the box started working. Is there an issue with these boxes and I’ve seen many a customer mention issues with the box start up in the morning. As an aside, I’d already previously switched off smart start up and the box is on ‘always on’. But I always switch the box off before I go to bed each evening. Could I simply have a faulty box? Keen to get this resolved as that’s three times in the last 7 days my box / remote have become completely unresponsive. 

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