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TV Box Pro

Are these TV box Pro versions, prone to faults?

The latest box that I have has started to act up, this is happening after around one year,
it started failing to record some record the series, the channels at fault were DMAX 39
and Channel 5, some were Monday - Friday 4PM , the others I can't remember, they are
OK and I got the impression, that they may not have been broadcast, so I deleted the
Now another fault has raised it's head, sometimes when I stop playing a recording and
delete it having watched it, the sound also goes off, I have a sound bar which is connected,
optically, if I go to the TV, the sound is fine, the only way that I have found to get it back,
is to unplug the TV Box, from the electricity mains, then I have to wait till it goes through
the start-up process, after plugging it back in., stopped me looking up the old orders to find out when I got the box, it was supplied
to replace another one, of the same Pro version, that was also, not recording some series,

Thank you.


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Re: TV Box Pro

Well DMAX (channel 39) currently has Wheeler Dealers on at 4pm this week. Whilst most episodes are included  as part of a series by having a Series Crid assigned  tomorrows episode does not - so if that has occured in the past that could explain some apparent non recordings if you are setting bseries recording.

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Re: TV Box Pro

Hi zulu17, thank you for the reply, the recordings that were dropped
were probably, Outback Opal Hunters, or Gold Hunters, the 4PN ones
were on channel 5, they might have been Bargain Loving Brits, these
happened in September, then stopped, the dropping of the sound is
very recent, just over a week ago, was the first time and that is not
wanted, I can get anything on my TV, in Freeview, I cannot get BT TV
and that is what I am charged for, so I need the box and the sound.

Thanks anyway for the reply.


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Re: TV Box Pro

Well DMAX has Gold Divers schedule today at 2pm   (S7/Ep5)  which has a series CRID  in the EPG for the programme.. Then another episode of Gold Divers is also on today at 3pm  (S7/Ep6) but the broadcasters has not set up a Series CRID in the EPG data so it will not be identified as part of the series. Tomorrow episodes at 2pm  (S7/Ep8) and 3pm (S7/Ep9) both have series CRIDS.

So based upon the broadcaster’s EPG data a series request would record episodes 5,7,8 but miss  episode 6.

So I conclude your DMAX missed recordings are likely to be data omissions by the broadcaster.

Other Freeview devices other than BT TV boxes would experience similar issues with recording if SEries CRID information is missing for some programmes in the series.


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Re: TV Box Pro

Well zulu17, you are definitely an expert on DMAX, I have no problem with them,
my problem is with the BT TV box, I will have to try and contact them, I thought
that I would get a quicker response and suggestions from here, I was wrong.

Thank again for replying.


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Re: TV Box Pro

With respect @MikeM3, I think you have missed the point @zulu17 was trying to make to help you.

@zulu17 was demonstrating how your problem with recording is linked to information that the BT TV Pro Box relies on not being correctly sent by the broadcaster.

The box is not at fault here and BT will blame the broadcaster for not supplying the correct information, but nothing will change as this is a common problem with some broadcasters being worse than others. 

You will likely be able to catch up in My5 and/or Discovery+, albeit with the joy of adverts.

The sound drop out issue could be a number of things depending on how your soundbar is connected, but if you ask BT, the first thing they will ask you to do is a) change the HDMI cable and then b) reset the box using these instructions.

If you still then have an issue, they will likely send a replacement.

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Re: TV Box Pro

Thank you Stereohaven, I understand that zulu17 was trying to help me,
I apologise for the tone of my last reply, I understood the first time about
the programme not being recordable, I had said that the recording drops
had stopped a while ago and that I am more concerned about the sound.

Thank you for the link, I was going to do a factory reset, if I didn't hear any
more, I will try, with the instructions that you suggest.

Thank you.


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Re: TV Box Pro


Welcome to the wacky world of the BT Pro!

I start getting failed recordings every couple of months or so. It appears to start with scheduled Channel 4 recordings,
but then eventually progresses to other channels. If I select the live channel during a program which has failed to record, the recording will start, and all subsequent scheduled recordings on that channel for that day will record correctly - which I think rules out incorrect CRID or EPG data change.

It has just started happening again with failed recordings of Countdown and GP highlights, both set on series record. The only cure appears to be a software reset, which is a pain in the backside, because all the app logins have to be re-input.

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Re: TV Box Pro

Thank you, f1charlie62,

I have done no more about the temperamental TV box, a friend is in
hospital, getting Palliative Care and painkillers only, this sort of put
the TV problems in the bin, for now.

I will eventually get back to the problem, but not now.

Thank you for your reply.


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