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TV pixelation


Ever since our BT TV changed to EE TV we have had pixelation of channels. I presume this was a firmware change? Thought it seemed odd so I checked the channels only to find they were the streamed channels despite the aerial being connected. I can’t find how I can get the system to default to terrestrial channels. As the terrestrial signal goes through the EE TV BOX to our Smart TV I can watch all the affected channels on my TV with no problems. If we want to record anything the box just records pixelated programmes. Luckily I can stream programmes recorded on the Smart TV. Hence I ask myself why am I paying BT to watch TV on my Smart TV?? The box receives internet through Powerline, which wasn’t a problem before EE TV. If I put the box on Wi-Fi it does the same.I have not installed any new electrical item on my system which would dirty my supply so don’t understand what has gone wrong. I am an electrical engineer and formerly a network engineer. I have run a long Cat 6 cable and it works fine, the Router is in another room, I cannot move it and don’t see why I should when everything was working. Can BT give me a fix for it or free me from my TV contract as I am just using my original Smart TV (Samsung) and internet but paying them for the privilege? 
Many thanks

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Re: TV pixelation

HI @EricB 

Can i ask that is you press guide on your EE TV box remote do you see for channel 4 and 5  the logo 4 HD and 5 HD  or simply 4 and 5. Also do channel 104 and 105 appear in your guide ?

The process for switching between internet mode and aerial mode for the TV Box Pro is to do a reset of the box (best done  via the button on the remote to preserve recordings) details at




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Re: TV pixelation

Hi @zulu17 

That seems to have done the trick. Strange it didn’t take terrestrial channels across when updating to EE TV.  What is also strange is pixelation of streaming channels, something that didn’t happen when watching iPlayer or any of the other streaming channels.

many thanks for your assistance.


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Re: TV pixelation

Pleased that you @EricB    lnoww have the setup you wanted.

There is always a balance  between  investigating  why something  is not functioning  as it should and taking action to reset and  have it corrected  as soon as possible. 



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