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Re: BT Webmail Feedback

My online email was updated to the latest version yesterday, and the new version is terrible. You try and select multiple emails, it deselects random ones, and then doesn't delete the selected ones even when you've managed to select them. Shocking software release, and obviously not tested well enough! Running Windows 11 and Firefox 1.22.0 as well as Chrome 121.0.6167.140

Try reaching BT support via the chat, but since the web site is not covered by that system the bots can't help either - very poor customer experience all round

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Re: BT Webmail Feedback

There are no dots/ line just 2 boxes top of email one with arrow down which when pressed has drop down instructions one of which is print but it is taking an infinite amount of time to load the print preview - not preview one yet and been waiting up to an hour.

Remember I am using iPhone or I pad  my laptop is fine to use for printing 

I don’t take my laptop on holiday 

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Re: BT Webmail Feedback

Yes I have had trouble deleting multiple emails ( as you could do on the old system) they keep deselecting . I have managed up to 3 only at a time so far. Very time consuming. It’s just like doing it on iPhone where you have to swipe each email individually to delete

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Re: BT Webmail Feedback

Re: BT Webmail Feedback


If you hover the mouse just below "John" it will show you what email address it originated from in the same way as the "old" email interface did.

If you want to view the source, select the email with a signal click the box to the left of the email in the list then go to "More" in the menu bar and then "View Source" This is exactly same as the "old " interface.

If you are concerned that it is opening a preview I would suggest that you select the no preview option and again the preview options are exactly the same as the "old" interface.


Thank you for your help.

Maybe it is a Mac related problem, but I have limited controls and nowhere (yet) can I find preview controls.

The only controls are the ones available when clicking on the name at the top right of the screen.

These changes, for changes sake, are irritating and annoying and do nothing to make the app any better.

But I will keep persevering, maybe things will get better, but I'm not holding my breath.

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Re: BT Webmail Feedback


The view options are at the right hand side below your user name. It is an icon with three lines with "View" below it.

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Re: BT E Mail

Thanks should have looked at your message 1st about turning avitars off. Thanks again for your useful info. WHISH BT WOULD TELL PEOPLE HOW TO DO THIS IN THE 1ST PLACE or at least give you an option.

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Re: BT Webmail Feedback

The new format is terrible. 

Worst of all I cannot now respond to meeting invites or open Teams meeting links from the calendar.

As it stands it looks Iike I have no choice but to move to Outlook.


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Re: BT Webmail Feedback

I have real problems composing emails now, I am using webmail version, the font randomly changes and line spacing starts ok but if I go back and change text the line spacing makes it look like a new paragraph.

I also find the inbox colours really horrible, seems to be no logic to them, very hard to find emails as it so distracting.

The page is too wide so I now have to use full screen all the time, can't adjust the width without losing some of the right hand page.

This looks amateur and appears to not be tested, appalling for a company that used to be so good at testing, I remember it well when I used to work with their suppliers.

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Email loading time

I don't know what they have done with this "upgrade" but the loading time is soooo sloooow. I have tried on Windows apple pc's and android phones and it ranges from 22 secs to 31 seconds to load. Then scrolling only allows a certain amount then you have to wait. Please just put it back to what it was and if you want to "improve" test it properly before going live!

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Re: Email loading time

Same with mine on a Apple Mac and also pc which is less than 3 months old, all these complaints and I’ve not read one reply from BT with any answers, I suspect that they don’t want to host email sites anymore and simply don’t care if the customers leave or not, If I leave then the whole bundle will be cancelled, been with them for 22 years 

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