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New Email composing problem

I can only see a few lines when composing so I have to keep scrolling up and down to review/add etc. Is there something I can do?

Also text is way too small etc. etc. etc.

Somewhat less than good. ie dreadful

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New Email - cc names are hidden

I have just come across another difference with the new email format.  I am used to seeing any names who are CC'd into an email on the line underneath the TO person.  I have just seen that now there is a small icon of a man with a number against it underneath the date and time of the email.  In order to see who else has received the email I have to click on it to get the names to show.  Why make us perform this extra action? As the little man takes up a line of its own anyway, the cc'd names might as well be visible. There does not seem to be anyway to change this in the settings.

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Email issue replying to emails

When composing  an email, the typed 'characters' jump to the top of the email, so you have to delete and start again. 

Why has Admin deleted my previous email on another members post? 

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Re: BT E Mail

Like many others I really dislike the new email format which landed on me a few days ago.  I kept logging in and out of my account in the hope it would rectify itself but no such luck.  This new version is not user friendly as it doesn't appear to have any options to customise.  Full message isn't visible and it feels like there's a load of "dead" space on the page now. Thanks to previous tips I managed to get rid of the coloured squares. Hoping with enough feedback BT will restore some of the old functionality 

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Re: Email issue replying to emails

@pk46 wrote:


Why has Admin deleted my previous email on another members post? 

Is this the post you are referring to.

Re: Emailing - BT Community

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Re: BT E Mail

Exactly this, when something is 'working', why make it 'dysfunctional' and worse.  

It's a BT trait, get things that work to stop working. 

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Re: Email issue replying to emails

Yes that's the one, couldn't find it earlier. Thanks.

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Re: Cursor jumping when composing email

@NickBS  Thanks for this positive news and very pleased that we'll be kept up to date. The chap I spoke to yesterday called again this morning and apologised for getting it wrong. I understand that they are now fully aware of what is being done. 

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Email layout on preview screen

I am getting used to the new email layout, BUT, why when looking at the summary screen (list of emails) you select one and it only shows on half of the screen as if it is an A4 size page, rounding words off to the next line??

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Deleting only selected emails

Since BT changed things, why can you now only block delete a selected number of emails at a time from your Inbox? 

I've found that if you select and highlight over about 5 emails to delete at a time, then click 'Delete' you get a message telling you that there are 'issues with the system at the moment'.    This means that you then need to re-select a maximum of only about 3/4 emails at a time if you wish to delete them - which works OK.  But if you select above a certain number,  you get the 'issues with the system...' email every time!   

How is this an improvement?   Previously you could block delete as many emails as you wanted and it would work fine, now it seems you are limited to just deleting a couple at a time, which is time-consuming if you have a number of emails you need to get rid off from your Inbox.

Not everyone wants to just delete one or two emails at a time - some of us want to delete over 5 in one go!