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Re: BT Webmail Feedback

I made a complaint one week ago by telephone. Someone telephoned my Husband (the account is in his name) on Friday. As I was out the caller said they would call again between 13.30 and 15.00 on Saturday. I had stuff to do but put if off and waited in. No one rang then or since.

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Re: BT Webmail Feedback

Thank you for your reply and about six others below. I raised this generalised message to see if others were experiencing similar issues. I first noticed the issues a couple of days after the new system was introduced. I did ring BT and spoke to a lady (Za88) and discussed my dislike to the new system, I was told how to turn off the coloured avatars and then she undertook the quick tests of sending and receiving emails and said someone would ring back in a couple of days. She gave me a complaint number1-3-AN4SEVK1. A guy did ring back and undertook similar tests and said I should ring again if I still had problems. This is what I will do . The system is not fit for purpose. Thank you

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Re: BT Webmail Feedback

I am not sure if I am an imbecile or whether I have just spoken to one. I rang 03301234150 and was connected with K*** in Liverpool.  Firstly he did not even know there was a new version of BT email and knew nothing of complaints about email. Whether he asked around the call centre or not but then he told me the new email system did not work at all with Chrome and that it would work with Microsoft Edge !!!!! I asked him if this was the case could he organise the log in page to be more specific and highlight issues that were known. 

I argued about difficulties encountered and those of others on BT Community and realised I was getting nowhere. He assures me that my complaint would be passed to the email team and so our call was ended. 

I deleted all cookies restarted my laptop and used Microsoft Edge to get to the login screen. Logged in OK and found a blue BT Box logo with three dots scrolling across. The result was nothing but the logo, I left the laptop and went to the kitchen on returning about 20 minutes later my login had not progressed at all and the blue box with scrolling dots was still there.

I logged in again via Chrome  and wished to share my experience with the Community.  Question - Am I an imbecile or was I talking to one ?

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Re: Email Changes

Splendid was unaware of the latter process. All good and thankful for your input.
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Re: Email Changes

Previously answered Thanks. I had read numerous articles on the subject previously but didn't find a more explicit answer as yourselfs
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Customers treated like pests

All you have to do is look at this community site and you can see the growing frustration. BT have tried to incorporate more AI into the email system and its a mess. When you complain or query something you are treated as if you are a pest. The customer service is virtually non existent. This morning I looked at my emails for the first time tiday. Some are bold and some are grey. What do the different shades mean? I had not looked at any of them before so why are they in fifferent colours? Then there is the fowload delay, I was told the more you use it, the quicker it will get, whst a load of bull, its still as slow. Its these things that are casing problems and BT don't seem to be able to sort it out!

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Re: Customers treated like pests

There is an extremely simple way to overcome all these problems. Don't use webmail, use a mail client. There are plenty of free ones available, Thunderbird is the most popular.

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Re: Customers treated like pests

Don't use webmail, use a mail client. There are plenty of free ones available.

Please don't be so thoughtless as to assume that all users have the same use-case as yourself. It comes across as arrogance.

I have two specific reasons for using webmail.

  1. I like to use a small, lightweight, but capable laptop when travelling. I need email access when away from home, but I wouldn't use that machine as my daily driver. I recently had to pick up the access codes (room key) for my overnight accommodation while travelling across France and Spain by train. Thank you SNCF WiFi.
  2. I perform a similar role to you, acting as a technical go-between between volunteer users and application programmers on a distributed computing project. That sometimes means reproducing reported errors, and delving more deeply into the details: then reporting error codes, event logs, even screenshots to the developers. And sometimes I have to compare and contrast Windows and Linux behaviour. With webmail, I can start an email in one OS, save it as draft, and pick it up again in the other OS - all with one button on the KVM.
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Re: Customers treated like pests

You can do all of that with a mail client, no idea why you think you can't.

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Re: Customers treated like pests

You end up with a broken, incomplete, 'sent' log across the different devices.
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