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Disappearing emails from inbox

What can I do to stop my emails from disappearing from my inbox. When I'm at work I sometimes need to check my personal emails at lunchtime (on my phone). I read them and then leave so i can look at fully in the evening - but then when I logon to my laptop they're gone. They also then go from the app. It's driving me mad. I'm not in conversation view.  I know I could file them instantly - maybe I need to set up a new folder and move them eg to be actioned - and then file properly later but that would be very annoying as sometimes ones i haven't even opened disappear. Any ideas - thanks

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Re: Disappearing emails from inbox

Have you checked to see if your phone's email app is set up as a POP3 account or an IMAP account?

If it is set up as a POP3 account it may be that when you check your email on your phone it downloads the email then deletes it from the server which means it would not be there for your laptop to download.

You would need to go into your phone's email app's settings and check if it is set up as POP3 and then check to see if the box "Leave email on server" is ticked.

Without knowing which email app you are using I can not be more specific with how you get to the settings etc.

The above however would not explain why the emails are subsequently being deleted from your phone when you have checked for emails on your laptop.

How are you accessing your email on your laptop. Is it with an email app or are you using a web browser?

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