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Email Security

Hi there folks,

Been hacked a couple of times via mail, so want better security.

Advised to use 2 pass Oauth2 set up my end but BT doesnt give details on how to verify if working or how it works ?.

Using Open Source mail & browser & keen to continue with these.


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Re: Email Security

I could be wrong but it appears that the BT two step authentication only works when logging onto your MyBT and accessing your email via that. It does not appear to work if you are logging on to your BTMail account directly or when using an email client.

When you opt in to two-step authentication, a passcode will be sent to you via text or email each time you log into your online BT Identity. You need to enter this passcode to verify your identity.

You can however register your device as a Trusted Device which means you won't have to enter the passcode each time when using that device. 

See link

Two-step authentication | BT Help

If you have been hacked a couple of time it may be that your email account password is not strong enough or that there are other issues that you should check.

BT have put together this link of checks that you should carry out.

How can I tell if my email account is no longer secure? | BT Help

You should carry out a security check of all your devices buy completing virus and malware scans. ADWCleaner is a free highly rated malware checker and removal program that is well worth running.

Email security | BT Help


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Re: Email Security

Thanks for that, I shall check it all. When hacked I could not stop it when noticed. Had to do a Win10 restart & lost current passwords & saves, so a high pain level !. Thanks.
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Re: Email Security

Once again thanks,

As i do use Open Source Email client I have noticed that NOT all AV's check or support iMAP.

Do you have any recommendations or ideas on this ?.

Rgds & thanks.

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Re: Email Security

There are many AV that scan email, Avast (free version as well as the paid version) for example. If you do an Internet search I'm sure you will find one that suits your needs.

Have a read of this.

Why you don't need your anti-virus to scan your email - A Cloudeight Information Avenune Tutorial (t...

You might want to scan your email for viruses in case you happen to forward a virus from one person to another.  If one of your friends has a Windows computer with a virus and sends you a virus-infected email, and you then forward that email to another friend with a Windows computer, then the second friend might get the virus too. You could install an anti-virus application to scan your emails to prevent this, but it’s unlikely to happen and most people using Windows and Mac OS have anti-virus software of their own anyway.