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Missing Inbox emails

My elderly parents BT email account was recently updated to the new format, but ever since this happened all of their emails prior to Weds 20th March have disappeared.

They access their emails on an iPad but I have also tried accessing them through the web page but it seems everything has disappeared. 

Is there any way to get their old emails back and if not, how is this able to happen?


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Re: Missing Inbox emails

Hi @Fiona54  - the same thing happened to me and after an hour of achieving nothing with their specialists (two of them on the same call) and their claiming it was nothing to do with them and I’d obviously deliberately chosen to all my emails going back from last week to 2014, I gave up. However, when I was having a hunt around in my folders, I did find quite a few in one particular folder I’d created to file messages. So it would appear that if you file them, they’re sort of ok but if you leave them in your inbox, they’re gone for good which is so annoying. When I say they’re sort of ok, many of them have jumbled up where the content is fine but the headings and recipients have changed so it’s quite a challenge to find what you’re looking for. I hope this is useful and meanwhile, if anyone has any ideas on how to get the deleted emails back, do please share. 

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