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New BT Email

Why do BT yet again introduce untested changes - if it ain't broke don't fix it. I have a number of problems -

1. Trying to change view on an iPad does not work -my email messages are restricted to about one-third of the width of the screen - folders, emails and finally the text of the email itself.

2. Show All Images - doesn't matter which option you choose, nothing changes - very infuriating having to change for every email as they are displayed.

3. Can't select a random list of emails to be deleted - have to delete eaqch one at a time, very time consuming.

4.On emails from organisations with a block of text, the text width is reduced, resulting in words being split and finishing on the next line - makes reading an email a chore.

5. Is there any way to remove the distracting coloured little boxes - preferably changing  it back to the old empty box which you could tick to select a number of emails to delete.

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Re: New BT Email

Your questions have been posted and some answers here

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Re: New BT Email

You can turn off the "coloured" squares by going into the settings found by clicking on your username at the top right then click on settings then Mail in the left hand column then untick the box "show avatar in the message list".

As regards the other issues, there is at present to fix for them however BT are apparently working on it.

See link.

Webmail migration update - BT Community

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