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Re: BT order with two phone line household

yes ive just had the same issue, 2 phone lines at house one sky one zen but that got moved to dv in the last week, put the zen dv phone number when i ordered but the other line got the letter from their provider saying they are leaving, ive just had to ring up and hopefully its being cancelled on that line and moved over to the correct line now, time will tell 😄

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Re: BT order with two phone line household

Hi @imjolly & @iniltous 

Thanks both for taking the time to reply.


Just to clear up, I'm not worried about the number porting over, I don't want a landline for calls, just broadband.

I was concerned how they would decide which line to port, as one is still in contract and the other isn't, so it could possibly make a mess of things.

I've since had confirmation from the correct CP that a port has been requested, so it looks like, fingers-crossed, that they've requested the correct one.


Thanks everyone!

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