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Charging batteries before set up. BT Elements 1K

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I am using BT Graphite 2100 cordless DECT phone. The base is paired with 5 handsets therefore all handset channels are in use. I need to replace this  “BT Graphite 2100” with a “BT Elements 1K” DECT cordless phone (with 5 handsets  as before). I have all the kit for the Elements system. My husband and I are both disabled so we need help with this transfer. The BT Techs are coming on Tuesday to set up a new broadband router. I’m hoping they’ll also help with the new Elements phone set-up. 

We are completely dependent on ‘phone and broadband.   We need a quick and simple change from Graphite to Elements. We need to simply unplug the Graphite system, set up Elements system (including all five handsets),  connect the base  to our BT Master Socket 5C and, fingers crossed, carry on as before. 

For this reason, I want to charge the batteries in all the Elements handsets before the Techs arrive. Can I do this? Can I leave the base unplugged for now and charge the new handsets on their chargers without them searching and searching for a base station?  Will they try to connect to the Graphite base station, which will still be in use and transmitting while the Elements handsets are charging. If I turn off the Elements handsets (by holding the End call/on or off button) will they charge without searching etc?

We can’t be without ‘phones. We have a connection to City Wide Alarms which we can alert by pressing a button on a lanyard if we need help. We are on the BT priority list.  

I’m sorry if this is not as clear as it should be. I’m in my late seventies, not very experienced in this sort of thing and get anxious about change. I will very much appreciate advice. Thank you.

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Re: Charging batteries before set up. BT Elements 1K

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you can charge up the handsets even though base is not connected  just plug handset base in and phones will charge

if you are getting new router and BT Tech installing was there any mention of moving to Digital voice?

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Re: Charging batteries before set up. BT Elements 1K

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Thank you for your reply re charging BT Elements batteries before set-up. 

We are moving to BT Halo 3+ because our contract was up for renewal and the benefits are important to us. (In our circumstances we need all the support we can get.) This "upgrade" is costing us no more  than we were paying before which is very fair and we are grateful. There is no suggestion of a move to Digital Voice yet. We are still on the old copper network. I believe Digital Voice is "paused"at the moment? However,  its time will inevitably come and we will at least have a suitable hub in place and a fairly new set of DECT phones to run through a BT Digital Voice Adapter. 

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