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Digital Voice

I have recently signed up for Fibre 2 home broadband with home phone, but I don't really understand how my phone service will be affected by digital voice and have some queries which I hope can be answered here.

Will I still keep my existing phone number?

Will my phone handsets plugged into extension sockets still work? Can I make calls this way if the internet connection is down or there is a power cut?

My master socket has a filtered faceplate with separate sockets for phone and broadband - can I still plug my answering machine into the phone socket?

I will be sent a digital phone handset before the changeover date. 

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Re: Digital Voice


You will keep the same phone number.

This post may help

Your wired extensions will not work,  but could be connected using a Digital Voice Adapter.

Your answering machine would also have to be connected to the same point, as the phone socket on the wall will no longer work.

Your phone line will not work if you have a power cut, but if its a problem, you can provide your own backup power unit.



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Re: Digital Voice


Thank you for your quick response, which has prompted further queries.

Am I correct in assuming that I don't have a choice not to have Digital Voice? It's a pity that this wasn't made clear during the sign-up process.

I have a DECT phone which uses the answering machine as it's base station. Will I have problems with two DECT signals interfering with each other?

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Re: Digital Voice

Hi @Maranello 

DV will not be a choice as all services will be moved to this over the next couple of years or so.

You can plug your base station into the back of the SH2 if you wish, so you can use your existing answer machine and handsets if you want. There won't be any interference issues either.

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Re: Digital Voice


There is no choice, all new users and those regrading, have to be moved over.

The socket on the back of the smart hub 2 can be used. The two DECT systems will not interfere, as they only transmit if they are in use, and have their own codes.

Digital Voice is BTs answer to the closure of the analogue phone network.

See this two page article See


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