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Landline #lost. Issued by BT and upgraded with BT


may I have some help with this situation?

our phone contract with BT expired. Staying with BT they advised us to upgrade our account for better connectivity.
1)They said they would port our number across. It would take two weeks. We are still with BT, always have been.

2) we were told we could connect our current phone to the hub. We didn’t have the right hub. We haven’t been able to use our line from 15/11/22. Despite being advised two weeks to port our number across, we were not issued the temporary number. People could not call us and we could not call out.

3) an engineer came out and said we don’t have the right phones. He also tried to call us on the number bt-our service provider had given him. It didn’t work. He said the original landline was not in the notes to port across. However he would request this and initiate the transfer. We should have our original landline number within 2 weeks.

4) new phones arrived. They didn’t work with our current hub. New hub arrived, didn’t work. Then another new hub arrived. This new one now works with the phones. The temporary phone number is still current.

5) we messaged BT regarding the number who said it would be 2 weeks and still being ported across.

6) we continue to have a temporary line without contact. BT have informed us for two months that our number is being ported across. Now on 28/12/22 they say it is no longer possible to port our number across. Apparently we should get ‘with the times’ and go with our new number.

7) we have been with the same service provider since the 1980’s, with the same telephone number. In the space of six weeks, the former broadband contract with bt ended, bt upgraded to new broadband contract which made the phones digital. For six weeks we were without use of landline and told our original number was being ported from bt to bt. Help.

please can we have help to get our original number re-instated?

Same address since 80’s. never been a business account. 
Despite being told to get with the times, sentiment is one thing but security is more important.  The landline is used for utilities, banking and everything else. What can be done?

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Re: Landline #lost. Issued by BT and upgraded with BT

I will flag your problem to the mods, hopefully they will be able to help resolve it. They will post on the thread.

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Re: Landline #lost. Issued by BT and upgraded with BT

Hi @Samecoin2sides thanks for posting, I'm really sorry to see there have been issues porting your number over to digital voice.

I've sent you a private message so you can send over your details to the moderation team and we'll be happy to look into this for you.


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