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Looking for some assistance in contacting BT

Not sure where else to go but ask on here, I'm really hoping that somebody can help me.
I'm currently stuck at home due to severe clinical depression and one of the issues with that for me is being able to communicate with people.
I'm not so bad with something like this a I can take my time and think before I reply, the same with emails but talking on the phone is just something that I really can't do at the moment.
I've been trying to simply change over my phone to a home essentials package but I'll need a few details confirming in relation to my account as to payments and that sort of thing but it's not clear when I start an order online what exactly is going to happen and when it will happen. There are just things I really need to check before I can place the order.
For days I've been trying to find a way of talking to somebody that was safe for me such as email which would allow me to sort my head out before replying to the person in BT who would be helping me but have not been able to find anything like that.
I've spent weeks trying to find a way to proceed with this and found nothing at all so I'm hoping that somebody from BT will be able to advise on how to find something suitable. The only think I could think of which was vaguely close was that I had an old email address for the chairman's office from some time ago when somebody there was helping after BT got something very wrong for me but this isn;t a complaint so it seems unfair of me to do that.
It's been incredibly distressing for me overrthe past few weeks trying to find a way to sort this and having found the "Here For You" page BT seems  very happy to try and help people but there seems to be help for everything accept me.
The people I'd spoken to before in the chairman's office were so helpful and because when they replied I was always able to take my time getting my head straight before I replied it just really helped.
I'm truly hoping that somebody in BT is able to help with me try and move forwards with this as it's been so distressing,
Thank you so very much.

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Re: Looking for some assistance in contacting BT

I have asked a mod to see if they can help you and they will post here

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Re: Looking for some assistance in contacting BT

Hello @JP-online  I've asked a passing moderator if they can assist you 🙂

To move to Home Essentials is a straight forward process, if you did decide to call BT you want either the Loyalty team or the Value team, they will ask you for your national insurance number, if you have a qualifying benefit the order would be placed there and then, there won't be many questions as it's a fixed package with unlimited broadband, line rentals included and so is unlimited minutes.

In terms of the billing cycle, that wouldn't change when you pay, the amount you pay would change, if you have a direct debit setup, it will all be done automatically by the billing system.

If you have any other questions just reply at a time that suits you 🙂

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Re: Looking for some assistance in contacting BT

Hi, @JP-online welcome back to the community, we'll be happy to help in any way we can. I'll send you a private message in a moment so you can get in touch with the moderation team.



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Re: Looking for some assistance in contacting BT

Thanks to everybody for replying, I don't like to be a bother but felt I didn't really know what else to do at the time.
@NeilOThanks, I've seen your message and will ensure that I reply by the end of today.

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