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More than one master socket on a PSTN line.

Hi all, sorry but I have yet another question. 

My mum has an old BT master socket beside her desk upstairs where her phone line used to come in. She has since had a new line fitted downstairs on a completely new master socket. Therefore. The one upstairs is dead. 

I was going to wire it up for her with telephone wire. Then stick a 431a plug on the end and plug it into a splitter on the master socket downstairs. Is it ok if I do this?


I know ideally I shouldn’t but would it cause any real trouble. I know having 2 ring capacitors on the line won’t be good, so maybe wiring a 231a might be better. 






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Re: More than one master socket on a PSTN line.

I would do away with old master as only should be 1 master socket and replace with small extension socket and then connect to new master

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Re: More than one master socket on a PSTN line.

I have had problems when there have been 2 master sockets on one line - so I would also recommend having only one.  You can always open up the old one and simply snip out the 2 components present leaving it as a simple slave socket - done this many times (due to electricians installing master sockets everywhere when they were supposed to be slaves.

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