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Phone number quaranteed

Hi all,

Hoping someone is able to help. Posting on behalf of my elderly parents. They moved house at the beginning of June within the same village and were initially told they could take their phone number with them.

A new digital voice line has been set up at their new house with a new phone number which I organised to get changed back to their old phone number. They then got an email to say the old number had been activated, followed immediately by another email saying that their BT order had been cancelled. 

My mother called BT to find out what was happening but the operative said he couldn't see what the issue was but would call back.

It appears that they can make out going calls and this shows up as their original phone number, but they cannot receive calls - if you try to call them you hear a sort of engaged tone and then the call just hangs up.

BT have just called them to say their old number has been quarantined until October, so we now have no idea what has happened. They have not changed providers - have stayed with BT.

My parents are both nearly 80 and my father has dementia, so this is really not helping their stress levels, so any help from this forum would be much appreciated.

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Re: Phone number quaranteed

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Re: Phone number quaranteed

I have asked the forum mods who are BT employees to see if they can help with your parents  phone number. The mods will post here

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Re: Phone number quaranteed

Hi @FionaD 

I'm sorry about the problems your parents are experiencing with getting their number back. I've sent you a private message so you can send over their details to the moderation team and we'll be happy to get this looked into.