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BT Home Broadband - Latency / Packet burst issues

Hi all,

Hopefully someone can shed some light on a few recent issues I've been having with my BT home broadband.

I stream games as a side hustle to my day job and I've been having in-game latency variation/packet burst/packet loss issues flag up to the point now where games are unplayable.

I have a BT Hub 2 with a powerline adapter to my PC. They have recently rewired from the external box on the side of the house direct to the internal master socket. Download speed is back up to mid 20s but that's had no effect on ping.

The call out was as a result of multiple daily drop outs (136 in the last 30 days) and the speed had dropped to 8Mbps. The adviser told me I had a bridge tap fault on the line - should the rewire have fixed this?

Speed test results as follows...

DL 27Mbps

UL 8 Mbps

Idle ping 20-21ms (Jitter 1)

DL ping 32-541ms (Jitter 72)

UL ping 64-3108ms (Jitter 98)

0% packet loss

The speed test results are consistent across both my phone, laptop and PC (both ethernet & WiFi)

Just to clarify, there have been no changes to anything and it's only me on the router.

Appreciate any direction from here!


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Re: BT Home Broadband - Latency / Packet burst issues

I've just Googled this and the popular opinion appears to be that it's interference on your internal wiring circuit that's causing the high pings via the Power line adapters. This looks like it could be caused by old internal wiring or an electrical device on the circuit. It's nothing to do with your broadband. So the best way to solve the issue is to run an Ethernet cable direct from your PC to your hub. 

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Re: BT Home Broadband - Latency / Packet burst issues

Thanks @NigelB72 
These test results are both with and without running a Cat6 Ethernet direct from hub to pc/laptop. The latency still persists

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Re: BT Home Broadband - Latency / Packet burst issues

Ahh ok... Does it happen when anyone is streaming TV or netflix etc or is all the time?

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Re: BT Home Broadband - Latency / Packet burst issues

Hi Nigel,

it’s just me and I only use 1 device at a time not including my phone.

the tests have been at all times of day with no streams or active downloads

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