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BT Hub and TP Link One Mesh


Total noob here.

I recently bought a TP Link AV1300 Powerline adapter and rage extended for its vaunted One Mesh. I set it up easily enough, and all seemed to work fine. The adapter inot the wall socket and then via ethernet cable to the BT Smart Hub, and the extender in the other room plug socklet. I paired them as instructed. All seemed fine. The home network was being piped throughout the house seemlessly. Until it stopped working.

Now the TP Link app is telling my device isnt One Mesh compatible, and TP Link support say I need a One Mesh router?!

The TP Link extender would pump out wifi in the name of my home network, so we stayed connected to the home network and didnt have to change to TP Link WiFi whenever we got out of range of the BT Smart Hub, like with older TP Link Extenders, etc.

Now the extender shows up as TP Link WiWif and we have to keep changing.

Can anyone please help with this, I'm pulling my hair out trying to figure this out!




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