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Complete Wifi Disc

For about 8 months I have had complete wifi and the disc in its chosen position has always shown a good signal (blue light). Suddenly that has changed to a weak signal (orange light). When I restart either the disc or the smarthub (and I have done both) it goes back to a good signal for about one minute, but then back to the orange light. I have "re-scanned" the wireless channels but that has made no difference. Nothing else has changed in my set up. Is there anything else I could try? Also, is there anything known which can cause the problem?

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Re: Complete Wifi Disc

I may have stumbled across an answer to my own question. 

When I restarted the disc, I did so by disconnecting it from the power supply, waiting 10 seconds, then re-connecting, but it made no difference. After a lot more fiddling about, I restarted the disc by using the on/off switch on the back of the disc.

It may, of course, be completely coincidental, but it seems to have done the trick.

Just in case it helps anybody else.

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Complete Wifi Disc Performance

I have a SmartHub2 and one complete wifi disc. I have had complete wifi for about a year and throughput that time the disc has sat on top of a cupboard happily showing a constant solid blue light. Recently, however, it started showing a solid orange light more and more frequently. After all sorts of tests and resets, it seems to be a problem with the disc rather than the SmartHub2.

I have moved the disc nearer to the SmartHub2 so that it now shows a solid blue light all the time. However, that seems to have caused more problems than it solved with several devices in fixed positions choosing to connect to the SmartHub2 instead of the disc, even though the SmartHub2 is probably twice as far away. 

Would I have been better leaving the disc where it was with the solid orange light rather than moving it to get the solid blue light?

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Re: Complete Wifi Disc Performance

Hi, @northshields I'm sorry about the performance issues you're experiencing with the Complete wifi disc. As a Complete Wi-Fi customer, you're eligible to get up to two extra discs free of charge (based on need). Just pop over to the online troubleshooter and, if you're eligible, we'll send out an extra disc.


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