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Double NAT with Smart Hub 2 as "slave"

Hello all

Just got BT FTTP @ 500mbps and I'd like to set up a Netgear Orbi mesh for for better coverage. The complication is that I've got Digital Voice, so I need to keep the SH2 on the network. I've read lots of posts where users have suggested putting the the mesh system into bridge mode and turning the SH2 WiFi off, i.e. ONT  > SH2  (router, WiFi off) > Orbi (AP only). This of course means you lose the features of the Orbi as a router.

I'd like to get the benefits of the Orbi as a router, but still keep Digital Voice, so I've thought about connecting it like ONT > Orbi (router mode) > SH2 (router mode since you can't bridge SH2, WiFi off), i.e. With the SH2 as "slave" instead of the Orbi. This of course creates a double NAT, but since the SH2 WiFi is off nothing will connect to it except the Digital Voice DECT handsets. If Digital Voice doesn't work I could try adding the SH2 to the Orbi DMZ.

Does this sound feasible? I could of course just try this out but I haven't received the Orbi yet and I need to keep downtime to a minimum once it does, so I'm trying to get my ducks in a row. 

Any advice appreciated! TIA 


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Re: Double NAT with Smart Hub 2 as "slave"

No, that won't work. The SH2 has to be directly connected to the ONT as the first device.

You can do the reverse, put the hub first and the Orbi second. There are many variations of achieving this. You will be double natting whatever you do but shouldn't cause problems.