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Help needed FTTP 900 using AX88U Pro

Advice needed FTTP 900 using AX88U Pro


Recently had wifi speed issues,  which the new router seemed to resolve,


currently over wifi  non wifi 6 devices 

iphone 13 pro    around  650/90

macbook pro  around 65090


with my new found speed decided to get a gaming laptop which has wifi 6 card

SSID: ******
Protocol: Wi-Fi 6 (802.11ax)
Security type: WPA2-Personal
Manufacturer: Intel Corporation
Description: Killer(R) Wi-Fi 6 AX1650i 160MHz Wireless Network Adapter (201NGW)
Driver version:
Network band: 5 GHz
Network channel: 100
Link speed (Receive/Transmit): 1201/1201 (Mbps)
Link-local IPv6 address: fe80::997:637b:1e8e:7106%13
IPv4 address:
IPv4 DNS servers: (Unencrypted)
Physical address ************


must be a setting off, im getting less than the above devices and upload is almost nothing, 

here is a speedtest result   376Mbps down  and  0.34Mbps up

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Re: Help needed FTTP 900 using AX88U Pro

It's probably not your router or the BT internet that's the problem, but on another forum, I've seen people having issues with Intel's Killer WiF!

So first step is probably to use the router to see what it's connection speed to the internet is.  In the router menus, in the QOS section, there is probably a tab for "Internet Speed" which will perform a speed test at the router.  Here those figures are 930/104, but if I use the Merlin firmware on my GT-AX6000 I get a slightly higher figure (936/106) if I use the SpdMerlin utility.

If those figures are correct then you can move onto the next step, which is to test your other devices such as tablets and phones.  Most of us by now will have at least a device or two that connects using the same protocols as your new PC, so you can see how they work.  The fastest speedtested device here are a couple of mobile phones and an Asus RP-AX58 with a laptop wired to it, all of which come it around 750/103 (make sure you are connected to 5GHz and turning bluetooth off may also help). *You've pretty much done this already*

If you are still thinking it's the router then you could try WiFiSweetSpots on your mobile devices (fastest phone here is a Poco F3 topping out at 1050Mbps wifi data transmission speed) , or if you've a technical bent install Merlin firmware on the router and run iPerf over the LAN (Laptop via the RP-AX58 tops out at 1700Mbps well short of the 2400Mbps link speed).

Should that all check out then it's probably down to the Gaming Laptop and it's so-called "killer" WiFi!  Obviously, also check that you are connected to the correct servers, QoS on the router should be turned off etc.

See how you get on and report back!

I only learn by making mistakes and owning up to them - boy do I learn a lot!
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Re: Help needed FTTP 900 using AX88U Pro

really appreciate the reply will get on it later today ,

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Re: Help needed FTTP 900 using AX88U Pro

*Just tried another link (not WAN) speed test via the RP-AX58 from the Laptop and only managed 880Mbps, so I'm trying to remember where/how I thought I'd had 1700Mbps over it previously.  Feeling it might have been a synthetic benchmark!

I only learn by making mistakes and owning up to them - boy do I learn a lot!
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