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How to get WiFi speeds near 900Mb

When I took out BTs full fibre I knew that WiFi speeds would be slower than wired and knew I wouldnt get the 900Mb speeds advertised.  But I did think I'd get more than 300 or so.  It seems that the limiting factors are equally a problem for both ends of the connection.  For example, I get 300Mb on my Xbox, but if I use a cable I get speed reports of 1Gb, but actual downloads peak about 600.  So it seems that even with a wired connection I'm not going to see downloads at 1Gb speeds because the server at the other end isn't as fast as me.  Does that make sense? It seems that for me, on my own in a small house, the 900Mb claims are misleading because you get nothing near that wireless and only up to about half to 2/3rds of that wired.  The only thing that shows a major improvement is the number you see on a speed test website! 

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Re: How to get WiFi speeds near 900Mb

Pretty much every networking product ever sold has been "misleading", in that everything is specified in theoretical maximums. The real world benefit of gigabit Internet is when many users are sharing the same connection. So in a domestic environment large families or houseshares.

If you have the budget you can start chasing the dream with the latest WiFi6 devices. But in the real world who is ever going to need more than 300mb to a single device, unless you're constantly moving huge files around your network?

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Re: How to get WiFi speeds near 900Mb

If you have a read through this link it gives you the theoretical speed and what the actual speed you can expect, which in most cases is well below the theoretical speed.

How Fast Is a Wi-Fi Network? (

You will always get the best speeds using Ethernet because there are many variables such as environmental factors such a type of building construction, other wireless interference, electrical interference etc etc limiting when you use wireless. It is because of those variables that ISPs state to do a wired speed test to see what your speeds are.

ISP will also not guarantee download speeds because of the variables that limit wireless speeds. 

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