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Moving Home

Hello everyone, 

So I've just moved into my new apartment and I am planning on contacting BT about moving my Fiber 500 plan here. Unfortunately they don't have fiber here yet, unlike my previous residence. I see a openreach modem with a weird connector(I think it's a phone line or something), but the place offers copper service(Upt on 80mbit down and 20 up), I've got a Smart Hub 2, and I'm wondering if I need an older Hub or if I can just plug in the cord into the port labelled 'Phone', there is also another unique one named 'Broadband', I've never used BT Copper services and only been on their Fiber plans.


Huge thanks for any help.

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Re: Moving Home

The SH2 will work fine and needs dsl socket connected to the broadband socket

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