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Operate Sky Q box with BT

I moved from Sky to BT a few months ago hoping to recreate a similar package that we had from Sky. We had Sky broadband, landline Sky Q with multi room. 
I kept the Sky dish and ran a free sat box from it to a Samsung smart tv in the lounge with a whole load of apps already installed. While we can record terrestrial channels on the Freesat box it doesn’t record streaming channels. We watch a lot of sport and miss recorded sport in the comfort of our lounge. We have a kitchen tv wireless setup from a bt box which works well. BT had said they can’t give me a mini box for multi room because my broadband speed isn’t high enough. 
I would prefer not to cancel my BT 24 month contract and incur cancellation fees but would like to install a Sky Q box for the main smart tv if I can run it off the BT modem or if need be a second (sky compatible) modem. 
This would give us the kitchen tv operating from the BT box and the lounge smart tv operating from the Sky Q box thus ditching the Freesat box. Sky Q would give us the facility to record sport on Sky Sports and BT Sport. 
Any advice would be appreciated. 

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