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Own router with SPF+ Wan Port

I notice that TP-Link are prepping consumer routers with SPF+ Wan ports negating the requirement for an ONT, do BT support users connecting fibre to consumers own router rather than using the openrach ONT? Of course assuming the consumer does not require digital voice or BT TV. 

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Re: Own router with SPF+ Wan Port


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That will not be possible because its Openreach that provide the ONT, and each one has an unique hardware  serial number which is used to identify an individual connection on the fibre network.

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Re: Own router with SPF+ Wan Port

If you had a PON (Passive Optical Network terminal) then you could use an SPF+ adapter as your data is disentangled from that of your neighbours before it enters the property.  The ONT (Optical Network Terminal) that OpenReach supplies, allows for the single fibre to be passively split outside the property and for a single fibre to then be fed to you and your neighbours, with the ONT filtering what's on the cable so you only see your own data.

So, unless I've misunderstood the above, nope you can't use and SFP+ type Wan connector!

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