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PS5 BT Smart Hub

Hi All

we bought a PS5 for our son for Christmas but have had some issues connecting it to our smart hub. At present we are using an Ethernet cable from one room to another but would like to use the wifi.  We spoke to PlayStation who suggested this could be a firewall issue and that we should open several TCP/UDP ports. We were given a long list and when we tried to port forward the PS5 in the admin manager for the smart hub we got a little lost (as did the BT support).  We manually assigned a static IP address to the router from the PS5 but then got lost with the TCP and UDP numbers - our options to input are "start" and "end" for internal and external ports for each protocol (TCP or UDP).  We have tried several options but feel like we are guessing.

Has anyone else had this issue or have any guidance we could follow - it seems strange that the PS5 (at the cost) isn’t plug and play and the fix seems a little complicated for us!!!


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Re: PS5 BT Smart Hub

If the PS5 works with Ethernet but not wifi, it isn't a port forwarding/firewall issue.

Are you sure the wifi signal is good enough at the location of the PS5?

Make sure you have turned off smart setup on the BT hub.

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Re: PS5 BT Smart Hub

Thanks - smart set up is switched off, and the PS5 won’t find the wifi even though it is relatively close and is where the old PS4 connected fine. All other devices work on wifi as well.
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Re: PS5 BT Smart Hub

You may find this useful:

"To make the most out of PS5's network connection, you want to be connected to 5GHz Wi-Fi. Many new routers have a single Wi-Fi name and automatically assign your console to the band that makes the most sense. Unfortunately, these routers don't always get it right and may assign your PS5 to a 2.4GHz band. Fortunately, Sony allows you to choose which Wi-FI band to use so you can make the right choice for yourself. In this guide, we'll show you how to force your PS5 to connect to 5ghz Wi-Fi. Let's get started."