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Really need help but can't call BT

I don't know which board to put this on. If it needs to be elsewhere please let me know or move it if you are able.

I'm a vulnerable BT broadband customer and rely heavily on having a working internet connection. Right now I do not have an internet connection. It seemed to stop at midnight and hasn't reconnected. I've tried all the regular restarting turning off/on regular suggestions but it hasn't helped. I have no connection.

This means I am unable to call on my phone or use my PC or many other devices that I use as lifelines. I'm struggling. I know this will read as over the top for some but without an internet connection I feel very desperate. I struggle with suicidal thoughts and the internet connection is a big part in helping with this. I'm unable to sleep because my anxiety levels are massive right now. I don't know if or when my connection restores, it's been down for over an hour. I'm scared as the thoughts I struggle with are getting worse and I have no one I can ask for help. I'm terrified of myself. 


I can't call BT. It seems they stop working by 11pm or earlier and won't start til 8am. It's 1:15am. I am literally shaking. I've thrown up twice. I have no way to fix this. I don't know what to do. I'm not sure what the problem is, I'm trying to keep it together but I'm not coping.


Is there anything anyone can suggest, if anyone else is up and reading this. I can't think straight. What I want to do is fix the problem and reconnect but I don't seem to be able to do anything and I'm struggling to keep going. If this is some sort of work on the line, I was not warned or advised of how long it would take. It might be helpful for BT to at least let people in advance if things like this have to happen. If not it should be way easier to report a fault and have it fixed as despite trying in vain to find out how to report this online I've been unable to. My battery on my phone isn't going to hold up much longer and my connection is going to stop when I reach my data limit very soon.


If anyone can help me right now, please, please post as I'm desperate and really really not ok.

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Re: Really need help but can't call BT

Hi @orange5, welcome back, and sorry that the loss of your broadband connection has caused you such distress. 

Hopefully, it was a minor fault last night and your connection is now working ok.
If your connection is still down what colour are the lights on your hub?



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