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Third party AP bridging

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Hello, I am newbie when it comes to networking, but I have a basic understanding of how everything works. I am not sure if this is the right place for this subject, but I just replaced my BTHub6 with a TP-Link VR400 and even though my wifi speeds are generally slow, the wifi is much more stable now. Anyway, I had another TP-Link router from before, its model is WR841N, and I want to use it as an AP through the WDS bridging option from my new VR400. There isn't a special mode dedicated on the WR841N that is specifically made for bridging, but I did put it in Access Point mode, disabled its DHCP, and changed the IP address to static (VR400 is and the WR841N is They are both on channel 1 as well. The way I set it up it works for now, I haven't yet used it extensively to see if there would be any issues. The light on the WR841N that indicates that the router is connected to the internet is red instead of green, but there is Internet connection when devices are connected. Is there anything else I should do? Is this setup okay as it is? Please let me know for any tips or fixes if I have done something wrong. Thanks.

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Re: Third party AP bridging

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That device is a router, presumably the red LED indicates the lack of  either a DSL signal or input on a WAN port. As you have neither, the LED will be lit. I would have thought that putting it in AP mode should prevent that, but as long as it is working, don't worry about it.